La Mariposa Spanish School & Eco-Hotel in Nicaragua

Asociacion Tierra - NGO in Nicaragua

Asociacion Tierra logo - NGO in Nicaragua Asociación Tierra was set up to continue, improve and expand the environmental and community projects initiated by La Mariposa. We believe in helping our neighbours taking, with them, small but critical steps towards a better future. We do not have a preconceived blueprint, rather undertaking a range of different projects which respond to the needs of our community. Many of the problems in our community – for example poor health or lack of education – are related to poverty. Our experience has also shown us that poverty and environmental degradation are inextricably linked. For this reason, we firmly believe that you cannot work with one issue in isolation. We also have a fundamental value that animals, wild and domesticated, are an integral part of any community and should be treated as such and with respect. For these reasons, we attempt to work in a holistic way, not focusing on a single issue.

So one day we might be buying land in order to conserve it, the next supporting a center for disabled children and their families, building a bakery for a women’s cooperative or offering a home to an abandoned cat and her kittens. We reforest with native trees, we have an organic vegetable patch, we offer a neutering service for dogs and cats, we support local cultural and sporting events, we assist individuals and families in particular need, we hang bunches of bananas to feed wild birds and squirrels, we paint murals in local schools…..Illustrating our holistic approach is Panuelo (one of many rescued horses) offering equino therapy to a child from our center for disabled children in one of our reforested nature reserves! It could hardly be more holistic!

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