La Mariposa Spanish School & Eco-Hotel in Nicaragua

La Mariposa Spanish School in Nicaragua

My stay at La Mariposa was one of the most unique experiences of my life. I could tell from the email responses I got prior to my arrival that people there really care. And from the moment I arrived that is what I experienced - from Paulette, the staff, volunteers, and teachers. I was very touched by all of the expressions of kindness that I felt from everyone - it was a demonstration that is very rare in this world. And this was along with excellent quality in the teachings and how the school is being run and operated. I have chemical sensitivity and everyone went above and beyond to help me be comfortable. I really didn't want to leave, but the kindness of everyone there will be with me forever and I take that with me. Thank you for doing what you are doing. - May 2014

I am really glad I decided to stay at La Mariposa. It was beautiful, laid-back and is doing great things for the environment and its' community. I came back home relaxed, educated and inspired. - Tripadvisor Jan. 2013

This was my second trip to La Mariposa, the first 4 years ago. A few things have changed - the school is bigger, they've replaced the beat-up pickup with a beat-up van, and there are even more animals. But the spirit is the same - warm and friendly, with a great mix of students, really good teachers, lovely grounds and a certain something that makes it hard to leave. - Tripadvisor Nov 2012

As underlined by the Mariposa School website, it is not to be viewed primarily as a hotel but rather a learning experience that goes far beyond the excellent teachers and classes. So it is not a destination for lounging in bed until noon, ordering room service and dancing the night away at the bar. - Tripadvisor Nov 2012

For groups to stay at the new "Study Center" is a perfect option. Up to 16 people can be accommodated, including a full-day care by volunteers with an individually knitted program, suitable to the focus of the group. You can educate yourself/your group in history and actual political problems of the country or learn more about agriculture practices and medical plants, help out with teaching kids, in the community garden and - as I think the most important thing - you will get the chance to understand a little more about how the world is connected, about what is going wrong and what real concerns exist. You get the chance to see yourself or your nation from another point of view and to start thinking your everyday "business as usual" through…. Well… and after you have finished a day full of (super well organized!) trips and work experience, you can enjoy the unique view on the Masaya volcano from the Study Center and relax, while the impressions of the day pass on by. In the end, no matter whether you travel alone, with a friend or a study-group, for sure you can't do anything wrong while visiting La Mariposa! It is a great mixture of learning, experience and enjoying! I wish Paulette and everybody who gives energy for this unique project all the best for the future… hasta la vista* - Jessica

A great feature I must add is the fact that guests not only came from around the world but represented all ages brought together in a common learning experience. I think it was absolutely fantastic to have students well over 70 sharing their living and learning experience with kids old enough to be their grandchildren. - Tripadvisor Nov 2012

You will be amazed at what you learn about Nicaragua and honestly, yourself. My son shocked me one day when we were hand washing our clothes in the front yard, "Mom, I like this simple life!" Priceless. We had a very tearful goodbye when we left our host family. - Tripadvisor Aug 2012

La Mariposa is smart! They have figured out quality service, fair pricing, and unique experiences in a beautiful setting. - Tripadvisor Aug 2012

The ideal starting point for any Latin American adventure.
      - High caliber one on one Spanish classes
      - Ecological setting is outstanding and gardens are beautiful
      - Best birding in the region, in big part thanks to fruit feeders, bird baths, and good plants
      - Socially and economically sustainable/beneficial to local community
      - Afternoon and weekend day trips to cultural and nature sites add to learning
      - Optional volunteer work and home-stays optional and rewarding
      - Filling and diverse food… including desert for dinner.
      - On the outskirts of a small town if amenities are needed.
      - Great views of Volcan Masaya
      - Teachers are well trained, skilled and dedicated.
      - Hotel room are simple, clean and comfortable… with hot water showers and mosquito nets
      - Very safe and well respected by community.
      - Easy to access by public or arranged transport.
      - Has Wifi
      - Incredibly good price considering the services rendered.
      - Many dogs and farm animals about (all healthy)… a Pro, for those who like animals
      - Not meat heavy… a Pro for vegetarians.
      - No AC… but rooms have fans which are perfect for the climate
      - No swim-up-bar… but fridge is always full of cold beer and you can put your feet in a bucket of water

The language and cultural skills you quickly develop at La Mariposa will serve you well on all future journeys through the Spanish speaking world. An as one of the few Spanish schools in a natural setting, it is ideal for nature lovers. - March 2014

Thank you for our wonderful volunteer experience where we were honored to be one of the first to work on property the school recently purchased nearby. We can't wait to learn how the reforestation, camping, community and nature center develop. Thanks to La Mariposa for its forward thinking to help conserve open space and natural habitats for Nicaragua's wildlife. - Personal communication, August 2014

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