La Mariposa Spanish School & Eco-Hotel in Nicaragua

La Mariposa Spanish School & Eco-Hotel in Nicaragua

   Want to slow down and enjoy learning in a natural environment with close contacts with the local community, contributing to the local economy in one of the poorest countries in the world. And be eco-friendly - for example, the hotel uses solar power to provide hot water for the shower in your own bathroom and to power the lights and the central fan in your simple but comfortable bedroom.

  Are interested and want to know more about the history, politics and culture of Nicaragua. Help us to dispel some of the myths - for example, around the crime rate which is actually half that of the USA. (But to ensure peace of mind – and also to help out with any contingency – we do have all night security staff on duty.)

  Want to sample freshly cooked, mostly organic, Nicaraguan food. We provide a typical Nicaraguan break fast (with loads of fresh fruit), family style meals at lunchtime and in the evenings. We eat mostly vegetarian, as do the majority of Nicaraguans, with meat, chicken or fish two or three times per week for those who want it. We encourage guests to eat together in a convivial atmosphere, mostly outside.

  Want to meet welcoming, friendly people, who are happy to share their wealth of local knowledge – from teaching Spanish language to showing you the medicinal plants which grow on our land.

  Enjoy animals and birds - we have several rescued dogs, cats, horses – as well as some parakeets which are being rehabilitated and will be returned to the wild as soon as their feathers have grown back. We also work hard to encourage wild plants, birds and animals to take up residence at the Mariposa.

  Want to support an enterprise which is charging reasonable prices but supporting the community by paying above average wages and funding several projects, for example, teaching literacy to adults.

PLEASE NOTE - Whilst we welcome children at the Mariposa and do our best to create a safe, educative and fun environment, we must make it clear that children remain the responsibility of their parents at all times. We can arrange to have an identified adult (usually one of the teachers childmind or accompany your child/ren in the afternoons but this costs extra - see the prices for extra Spanish classes). We must emphasize that the Mariposa animals are not stuffed toys to be tugged and pulled about by children and they can of course react by scratching or nipping. Children must not, under any circumstances, go into the monkey cage nor feed them from the outside. They should also not run around the hotel without supervision and parents should ensure that they are not acting in a way which is bothering other guests.


Most importantly...
Being at La Mariposa first and foremost means being a member of our community. You are our guest and we will help you in whatever way possible, but please be aware that your needs are met by our network of teachers, staff, and interns. We do ask you that you treat La Mariposa community with respect and understand that we are only human (and in some cases, animals). We will always try to go the extra mile for you, but please bear in mind we are not robots and we do not run a Holiday Inn!

We have tried to manage the Mariposa without explicit rules, on the basis that everything below should be covered by treating others with respect. Sadly, it has not worked out that way… we have now decided to institute rules. Please read through the following and talk to us if you have any questions.

(1) Smoking - is not allowed anywhere there are other guests or thatched roofs! Please use an ashtray.

(2) Computers/books and eating - please respect other people's right to eat without sharing the table with computers or books. We are also trying to keep alive the tradition of dinner time conversation.

(3) Any involvement in illegal drugs or the sex trade will result in the police being called.

(4) Getting drunk and/or abusing other people whether verbally or physically will result in being asked to leave and/or the police will be called. Please don't bring in your own beer or wine.

(5) Animals - our animals are mostly well behaved BUT parrots can nip, monkeys scratch, dogs bite and horses can kick. Treat them with respect and do NOT go into the cages. Strangers entering by the front gate must be accompanied by a member of staff. Remember that our dogs live here all the time, it is their home and they will defend it.

(6) 3 meals per day - you pay for 3 meals and one juice/coffee per day. So please be reasonable when helping yourself to extra drinks and snacks.

(7) Children - are at all times the responsibility of their parents. Of course this can be delegated to a named other person (usually a teacher) who is being paid to undertake child care but this must be arranged with us.

(8) Office hours - the office is also Paulette's personal space (as we try not to use precious land for unnecessary buildings!) so please respect this. The office is open from 7.30am to 5.30pm Mon to Fri. Outside these hours please use the office in an emergency only.

(9) Library Books - you are welcome to borrow books from the library whilst you are here. Treat them well (they are difficult to replace), don't bend the spines back or leave them in the sun or rain. Please put them back where you found them.

(10) Homestay students pay considerably less than do hotel guests. For this reason, they do not have access to some of the comforts of being in the hotel e.g. the showers in the hotel rooms.

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