La Mariposa Spanish School & Eco-Hotel in Nicaragua

La Mariposa Spanish School & Eco-Hotel in Nicaragua

  Want the ultimate in anything we do not do luxury or speed.

  If you don't want to take into account the effect Western culture can have on poor, "Third World" peoples. We ask our students to be aware, for example, that the majority of Nicaraguans do NOT own cameras or computers and - even though the Mariposa workers earn higher than average wages - they are unlikely ever to be able to afford such luxuries. So please do not take such expensive possessions for granted and use them sparingly, with respect for those who do not have the same privileges.

  Even though touching or approaching a strange female in any way is culturally taboo in Nicaragua, it is advisable to remember that Nicaragua, a largely Catholic country, is still very conservative. and for that reason IT IS NOT OK to wear reavealing tops or shorts (except at the beach) - you will be regarded as, at the very least, a legitimate target for serious male attention.

  We do not have "staff" at the Mariposa - what we have is an amazing group of people who happen to work here and who offer a unique combination of openness, generosity and humour - we ask students to be responsive to this and to find a way of giving something back - frankly people earn so little that money is the best but a little of your time to help out is also appreciated.

  Think Nicaragua is the most dangerous country in the world it is simply not true.

  Expect gourmet meals we cannot and do not provide a restaurant-style service.

  Do not want to interact with local people speaking Spanish is not essential but obviously it helps to know a little.

  Dislike animals.

  Think that Nicaragua (or indeed other so-called Third World countries) is a cheap option prices of food and fuel are actually very expensive compared to the West.

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