La Mariposa Spanish School & Eco-Hotel in Nicaragua

 La Mariposa Spanish School in Nicaragua

  • The Cultural Centre

  • Manos Virtuosas Bakery (women's cooperative)

  • Los Pipitos - project for disabled children

  • Los Pipitos - project for disabled children

  • Panama Primary School

  • Rubén Darío Primary School

  • The Health Clinic

  • Canada Honda - 140 acres of wilderness nature reserve

  • La Reserva - our "urban" nature reserve

  • The Reading Corner - in Santiago School

  • Work with La Mariposa rescued animals

  • Cookery in La Mariposa kitchen

  • One off projects

La Mariposa Spanish School in Nicaragua

La Mariposa Spanish School in Nicaragua

The Cultural Centre:

La Mariposa Spanish School in Nicaragua

As a volunteer at the cultural centre you will help the children work on certain skills including making piñatas, sewing, painting, crocheting and reforesting local land. The aim of the cultural centre is to teach children transferable skills that they can use to make some money and improve their situations. In this role an interest in children and art would be preferable.

Working hours: 8am-11am or2pm -5pm

Manos Virtuosas Bakery:

La Mariposa Spanish School in Nicaragua

Learn how to make traditional Nicaraguan breads and pastries and help a local women's cooperative. If you have an interest in baking, want to learn how to make a range of delicious Nicaraguan treats and like the idea of spending the mornings practicing your spoken Spanish, then this placement is for you.

Working hours: 8am-11am (Tuesday to Saturday)

Los Pipitos:

La Mariposa Spanish School in Nicaragua

Los Pipitos is a national organisation which works with children with disabilities. As a volunteer here you would play with the children, do art with them and help out at their equine therapy and hydrotherapy sessions. In this role an interest in working with children is desirable and any background in working with children with disabilities would be fantastic!

Working hours: 2pm - 5pm

Organic Huerto:

Come and help work at our organic huerto (vegetable patch) and learn how to maintain an organic garden with a variety of vegetables and herbs using traditional methods derived from permaculture principles. As a volunteer you will be weeding, watering, composting, transplanting and building beds. We encourage helpful insects and other wildlife by planting flowers and "weeds". The produce you help tend is served at the Mariposa so you will get the satisfaction of eating what you've helped grow. This placement would be perfect for someone with an interest in plants or organic gardening and a love of the outdoors/ isn't afraid to get their hands dirty.

Working hours: 8am-11.30am

Panama Primary School:

La Mariposa Spanish School in Nicaragua

At Panama Primary school you will be assisting the teacher in the classroom and also working with smaller groups of children or individuals in the library to give them a bit of one on one time to practice reading/writing or get help with their homework. If working with children sounds like fun this would be a great voluntary experience for you.

Working hours: 8am-11.30am

Ruben Dario Primary School:

La Mariposa Spanish School in Nicaragua

Just as with the volunteer placement at Panama school you can help out in the classrooms or work with smaller groups in the library. You can help the children by reading to them or by helping them with their homework. If you enjoy reading and working with kids, this would be a fantastic volunteering experience for you. This school also has an organic garden which appreciates volunteer help.

Working hours: 8am-11.30am

La Clínica de Salud:

This volunteer placement is available to individuals with medical qualifications or experience working in the health field and a basic/ intermediate level of Spanish. The work involves assisting the nurses with routine cleaning and paperwork, administration of injections and accompanying them to home-preventative education sessions. In this role you will get to experience first-hand how health care services operate in a country with little resources. You will be required to present your medical certificate or a letter of reference from your school or work in order to partake in this placement.

Working hours: 8am-11am or 2pm-3pm

Canada Honda:

La Mariposa Spanish School in Nicaragua

Our most recent project aims to purchase 140 acres of land which is quickly disappearing due to illegal logging and the ever growing demand for Dragon-fruit and Pineapple for export. Key Springs have been left to dry up and precious timber left to rot. We hope to purchase this land in order to save a huge expanse of virgin forest and reforest areas already impacted by deforestation. Work on this project is seasonally dependent and for the most part involve reforestation.

La Soya Community Centre:

La Soya was set up to provide a communal space in the area by El Piscacho study centre which would offer a range of activities for local people. Volunteers at La Soya work in the afternoons with children and help them draw, paint, play games, read and learn English. If you have an interest in arts and crafts and would like to help the children with their English you would be perfectly suited to this placement.

Working hours: 2pm-5pm

La Reserva:

La Mariposa Spanish School in Nicaragua

The Reserve is located a ten minute walk away from La Mariposa. Volunteers here help to reforest trees (in season), work in the "jardin de hortaliza" to grow organic lettuce, corn, beans and wheat and work on general maintenance of the reserve. There is also a garden of medicinal plants and opportunities to help us preserve the wildlife (building bat houses, for example). If you would like to spending your days outdoors and want to do something that has a positive impact on the environment, this placement is for you.

Working hours: 8am-11.30am or 2pm-5pm

El Rincón de Cuentos:

El Rincón de Cuentos is based at Santiago Primary School where you will assist the teacher by reading with the children, playing games with them or even helping them with their homework. If you have an interest in Sports the teachers would also be happy for you to organise various games or activities. If you enjoy spending time with children and have an interest in education this placement would be a great opportunity to do something worthwhile and improve your Spanish at the same time.

Working hours: 8am-11.30am

Work with La Mariposa animals:

La Mariposa Spanish School in Nicaragua

La Mariposa has a range of rescued animals that we care for both here at La Mariposa and at our study centre at El Piscacho. As a volunteer you would help to care for our rescued dogs, horses, monkeys, and birds that we have been unable to release into the wild and so live on site. This role includes handling the animals, feeding them, bathing them and general maintenance of their enclosures.

Working hours: 7am - 9am and 2pm-5pm


Working in the Mariposa kitchen alongside our wonderful kitchen staff you will get to practice your Spanish and learn a lot about Nicaraguan food. We ask volunteers to offer practical help but also offer recipe ideas for how to use our organic produce; we are also planning on writing a cookbook. Anyone with an interest in cooking and learning about Nicaraguan food would be perfect for this placement; a good level of Spanish would be helpful.

Working hours: 7am - 10am

One off Projects:

At any time, we might be asked to repaint a school building, help re roof a house or reforest public land. At times we also have eco building projects going on. We also often need help taking photographs or making information sheets. Ask us if you are interested in anything out of the ordinary!

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